Mam Tor At Sunrise – Mist, a gate, icons and a dilemma!

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As a photographer it can be quite tricky to shoot images that aren't cliché and overdone, it's usually even harder to shoot them better than anyone has done before.  Mam Tor at sunrise is probably one of the most shot locations within the Peak District and as such it's really hard to get something different and exceptional [...]

Blake Mere

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The Peak District is devoid of naturally formed lakes and pools (the latter can be called tarns if you must but this term is more akin to those found in the Lake District). There are absolutely zero naturally formed lakes and I can only think of three named pools. There is mermaid’s pool on the [...]

Years in the making…seconds in the taking – Llynnau Mymbyr Sunrise and Alport Castles Sunset

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First published February 2012 - Llynnau Mymbyr Sunrise and Alport Castles Sunset As a landscape photographer I quickly get a list of images “I Must Shoot” and a lot of these could be revisits to locations. It could be either the first time I had visited it hadn’t be quite right or while on location I’ve [...]

Rab Baltoro Guide Pro Review

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I’d like to note first and foremost, that the Rab Baltoro Guide Pro review is impartial and off my own back, I have not received the goods from Rab and they were purchased with my own hard earned cash. I aim to do more and more reviews over the coming months of various products aimed [...]

84.5mm Camera Filters Review

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A few months ago I was lucky enough to pick up a sponsorship with a new camera filter maker, 84.5mm. Their aim is to produce high quality filters at affordable prices. The filters are made by an enthusiastic bunch of photographers and are based in Slovakia. When I first accepted their offer I agreed to write a review [...]

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