Three Lighthouses of Anglesey Photography Workshop

Spend a day visiting and photographing the three main lighthouses on the Isle of Anglesey.



10th November 2024
09:00 – 17:00
4 People Max
Transport Provided
Easy Difficulty ( i )
Twr Mawr Lighthouse sits at the nose of Llanddwyn Island on Newborough Beach on the Isle of Anglesey and is such an iconic scene in Wales looking over to the Snowdonia mountains. The beach is one of my favourites to go to and I usually visit the lighthouse but after 8 or 9 visits I finally got some decent light to capture the beauty of this place in.
Meet at Bangor (or nr Wrexham)
Start: 09:00
(£40 Deposit)

Join me on November 10th on the Isle of Anglesey to photograph the three most prominent lighthouse locations at Penmon Point, Llandwyn Island and South Stack.

This workshop is a day suited to all levels of photographer and we will spend our time photographing coastal scenes from both high up and low down giving us a chance to capture grand landscapes from above and long exposures of the coast from below.

We will start off at Penmon Point, a fantastic lighthouse which is literally a 2 minute walk from the car on the eastern side of the island. The lighthouse is set against a backdrop of Puffin Island, a familiar sight to anyone who has been to Llandudno or driven along the A55 costal road. We will spend time here capturing low down images of the waves crashing around the rocks as well as some telephoto shots of a more simplified scene of just the lighthouse and Puffin Island.

Next we will move over to the west side of the island.Depending on the conditions, it will dictate which location we go to first. We have the choice of Llanddwyn Island at Newborough Beach or South Stack.

Llanddwyn Island with Tŵr Mawr Lighthouse is a classic location with far reaching views over to Snowdonia and catches the afternoon/evening light perfectly. There are also some opportunities for beach and rocky long exposures providing there is time (the lighthouse is a popular spot!).

South Stack is at Anglesey’s most westerly point and is a much more rugged landscape compared to both of other viewpoints. We have two main options here either shooting from the steps leading down to the lighthouse which acts as a great leading line or from the cliffs above. On a clear day you can even see Ireland from here which is quite something.

All three of these locations work in a variety of weather, even on an overcast day.

We will meet at a convenient location near Bangor before travelling in my car across the Menai Bridge. If you are travelling via Wrexham I am more than happy for you to jump in with me there. We aim to take a break midway through the day to allow us to get some food and drinks as well as have a quick introduction to post-processing in a cafe.

Upon booking you will be provided with a questionnaire to fill out which is a requirement of attending. I will also provide a recommended kit list and what to bring. Please pay particular attention to required equipment as a certain level of appropriate gear is expected. The list won’t be conclusive but aimed to give you the best guidelines possible. Please take a common sense approach to your packing, for example I suggest 2l of water but you may know from experience you need more or less. Please contact me if you are unsure and I will try and advise you the best I can.

Photographically throughout the day we will look at techniques such as focusing, using a tripod, use of filters vs exposure blending, composition, working with the light and more.

I am more than happy to discuss other more advanced techniques on 1-2-1 basis as well as to the group, depending on what is beneficial.

The day is tailored around you as much as possible and I strive to give each of you on the course for that day the best day possible. At the end of the day, you will have hopefully learnt new techniques and taken away some imagery you will be proud of. I am a friendly and relaxed tutor and I welcome you to keep in touch with me after the course to ask me any questions you may have looked over on the day. I have also created a Facebook client area where you can keep in touch, share your photos and keep in touch with other attendees from the day.

There will be a maximum group size of 4 meaning there will be plenty of 1-2-1 time. I will be on hand throughout the day for any questions and my focus will be on ensuring you have the best day possible.

A £40 deposit is required to book with the full amount due no later than 6 weeks before the start of the workshop.

Whats Included?

  • Technical tuition
  • Advice
  • Transport from meeting point

I can also provide

  • Tripod
  • Set of filters

What You Need

  • Suitable outdoor clothing (No jeans or trainers)
  • Camera with spare battery(s) and SD card
  • Walking boots
  • Tripod (Can also loan)
  • Food & Drink
  • Personal insurance if applicable

Good to have

  • A selection of lenses
  • Remote Shutter
  • Filters
  • Camera manual

Difficulty Description

Below is an explanation of the difficulty for the workshop. It will also largely be dictated by your own perception and also your previous experience in this kind of environment. The rating is a rough guide and in context to the type of workshop e.g. a hill-walking workshop moderate is different to a standard day workshop moderate. I have tried to explain more about the day in the description above also.

This workshop has been rated as easy. All locations are very accessible. There are some steps above South Stack to reach the cliff edges but a 10 minute walk. The walk across Newborough Beach is about 30 minutes but across largely flat and level ground.