So, continuing on from my last post I’ve been doing some more wire wool burning.

Last Wednesday, I had been out intending to shoot star trails with a forecast of clear skies but upon arriving at location it was apparent there was too much cloud to attempt.

So, it’s now nice to have a back up when star trails fall through and that’s the new craze that is wire wool burning. While I’m very conscious this type of photography can quickly be overdone and results can look the same as the last it’s good fun to do.

I think having a great location helps a lot and being inventive on the spot helps keep the images fresh and different from the last ones.

So, me and Joe ended up going to Cromford Canal, somewhere nice and close to home and I knew of a location that could be of particular use which is an abandoned house near High Peak Junction.

The location, while not a million miles from civilization is probably discrete enough not to cause any attention which is something to always bear in mind.

Having done wire wool burning just a couple of nights before, we were more used to what we needed to do, what effects we would get and techniques etc.

At first, we started off in the abandoned house. Not wanting to be careless and cause trouble, we checked the surroundings and made sure it was suitable. The leaves and wood in the area seemed fairly damp and a test of trying to light a leave took 10 seconds which assured us a spark from the wire wool shouldn’t take.

Anyway, here is the first image taken from the house, it was a fantastic location with it having no roof on allowing the sparks to funnel out like a fountain:

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