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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I will no longer be selling Kase filters through my website. Please go to to purchase. They have set up an initiative to return 10% of sales to any of their partners affected by the pandemic with an obvious loss of income. You can also get 5% off yourself by using the discount code PRO5KASE. Thank you.



I am delighted to be an official pro-partner and UK distributor for Kase Filters, offering both free shipping on all orders over £50 and a price-match offer!

Kase produce fantastic, high quality filters. Their flagship Wolverine series boasts shock & scratch resistance and are manufactured from glass (no resin in-between) which ensures their lifespan lasts much longer than traditional filters. They are also completely neutral and allow stacking without a cast.

They have recently been awarded by an independent test from OnLandscape magazine “The world’s most colour neutral glass filters on the market”.

They produce filters for both the 100mm and 150mm filter systems including holders for both. The 100mm system also comes with a built in polariser, which is excellent value for money. For those who have no filters yet, they provide handy entry, high-end and master kits to start off your collection at a discounted rate.

I personally use these filters and carry them with me on all workshops, so if you do join me you are welcome to try before you buy!

Found a cheaper price elsewhere in the UK? Drop me a message to see if I can match or even beat the price!

If you have any queries about Kase filters or have specific requirements, then please send me an email and I will help. Please feel free to browse all the products below.

(Please note gift vouchers cannot be redeemed against Kase Filters. I am only able to offer these filters to UK customers, if you are international please seek a distributor in your country or contact Kase Global).