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Kase KW150 Wolverine glass square filter 3 Stop (150x150mm)

Kase introduces the NEW Wolverine series with almost unbreakable glass, shock resistant, high toughness and super waterproof.

A Premium Pro glass filter that reduces exposure without affecting colour balance.

Type: Kase KW150 Wolverine glass square filter ND8
Light reduction: 3 stops
Sizes: 150 x 150 mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Includes a pouch
Almost unbreakable
Super waterproof
Shock resistant
Scratch resistant

An ND filter is useful to slow you shutter speed down on any given scene while maintaining your desired aperture and ISO. ND filters come in a variety of strengths and the 3 stop filter is the weakest reduction ND filter Kase offer. This filter should be your go to filter for waterfalls where you need to slow your shutter speed down but not too much so you can retain detail while still achieving the milky water effect.

ND filters can be stacked together, or with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

Includes P&P in the UK

(NOTE: these filters do not come with a foam gasket fixed to the filter as this is integral to the Kase filter holders, separate gaskets are included in the packaging for other makes of holders)