New for 2019. Join me on July 13th for a packed day hunting down location in the Peak District less photographed.

The Peak District over the years has become an increasingly popular place for photographer’s and rightly so. A lot of my workshops are based around some of the more popular locations where there are often multiple compositions, sometimes also suited for all weather conditions. However, one of the best things about photography is exploring areas, finding new compositions and locations people hardly visit and this is what this workshop is all about. I have visited most nooks and crannies in the Peak over the years, often going to a location for just one shot but one shot is all you need. Eventually it lead to me writing my guidebook, Peak District Through The Lens.

On this workshop I aim to take you to locations I may not usually go with a group. The photographic spots will all be great, with some of my favourite shots coming from many of these but there may be extended effort put in to receive less photos. Basically, this workshop carries a little risk as if the light doesn’t come we may not have as many alternative options. Therefore this workshop is designed for those who have been with me before, those who understand that going out with a camera isn’t always about returning with photos or those who wish to find some new and quieter spots and are already quite competent with a camera.

OK, so not all spots will be quite a secret but a lot will be less photographed than most and I’m fairly sure we won’t bump into others while there. There will be no Higger Tor, Mam Tor, Winnats Pass, think Wolfscote Hill, Pilsbury Castle and Win Hill instead.

Meeting at 13:30 we will move to our first location and work from there. The light might be a little harsh for some locations at this time of year but it’ll be good to find locations and practice composition as this is key for some of these one-shot spots.

We will break for lunch around 17:00 and if time allows, look at some of my images on a laptop to discuss basic processing techniques within Adobe Lightroom. The day will conclude after sunset around 21:30.

Throughout the day we will look at techniques such as focusing, use of filters vs exposure blending, composition, working with the light and more.

I am more than happy to discuss other more advanced techniques on 1-2-1 basis as well as to the group, depending on what is beneficial.

The day is tailored around you as much as possible and I strive to give each of you on the course for that day the best day possible. At the end of the day, you will have hopefully learnt new techniques and taken away some imagery you will be proud of. I am a friendly and relaxed tutor and I welcome you to keep in touch with me after the course to ask me any questions you may have looked over on the day.

There will be a maximum group size of 4 meaning there will be plenty of 1-2-1 time. I will be on hand throughout the day for any questions and my focus will be on ensuring you have the best day possible.