Last Tuesday saw me travelling to the flat lands they call the south…it’s not very often I venture down there I have to say. It was with good purpose though, I had been invited down to Sony Europe HQ to check out a lot of their new and upcoming products mainly announced at CES 2014 which you can see here.  I have to share an image I took on the way, because it’s so rare but near Luton I was driving into heavy rain but blue skies outside, I knew it was ripe for a rainbow so had the A7R with me and shot this:

3 thoughts on “Product Preview at Sony Europe HQ”

  1. James, what a brilliant event to get an invite for but I would be so struck down with G.A.S I would need oxygen lol!

    I have just bought myself an RX100 and it is the best small camera I have ever owned. I did consider the mark 2 but couldn’t justify the extra cash as I have also just purchased the new Sigma 24-105mm f4 (Canon fit) and the Sigma dock so it has been an expensive if exciting techie month!

    I have read a few reviews of your new camera and am mightily impressed. It is great to see Sony support their cameras with such a large choice of lenses too. How do the Sony lenses compare against Nikon/Canon as far as prices are concerned? Are there any “must have” lenses that you are looking to invest in?

    I bet there is some seriously secret squirrel electronics hidden away in Sony’s R&D dept, I expect they pay their staff very well to enforce their silence lol!

    Take care mate and looking forward to your next blog post!


    • I’ve heard so many good things about the RX100. I’ve often been tempted myself but ultimately know it wouldn’t get much use and I’d miss the viewfinder. Perhaps I shouldn’t moan having something as small as the A7R.

      That Sigma also has amazing reviews, so hopefully you will like it!

      Sony lenses in either E or A mount tend to be slightly more expensive than Canon and probably a litte in line with Nikon. Second hand they definitely command more and I’m surprised every time I look at Canon lenses to buy. The E mount lenses are also more premium, but they’re metal and also small so a lot of engineering goes into them and I think a lot of people forget that. I’ve got my Zeiss 24-70mm on the way but apart from that not really. I don’t have any specialist lenses etc and they don’t do a tilt shift lens. I’ll be looking to get a Canon TS-E eventually though, so I guess thats a great thing about the metabones.

      • I have heard nothing but glowing reports for most Zeiss glass and will one day treat myself!

        I bet you are like me and stuck inside listening to the storm outside. I shall be glad when some decent weather finally arrives and I can get out properly. In the meantime I am trying to get to grips with Lightroom 5 as my photos were everywhere! At least they are on the same drive now haha.

        Take care mate and stay dry!



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