Below are a collection of webcams from inside of the Peak District and just outside of the National Park. They have been organised roughly by area and are on here to help you judge the weather conditions as they happen. They are very useful to check incoming weather, particularly snow or if you just want to see if we are going to get that magical sunset before heading out. I try to update this page regularly and will provide the best and most up to date webcams. Scroll down for all the webcams or hit one of the buttons to go straight to a particular webcam on the page.

Please note these webcams are run kindly by individual people and businesses and without them this page would not be possible. Clicking on an image will take you through to their website in a new window.

I have no control over the webcams or their content and take no responsibility. Please note, some webcams refresh less than others and you may need to check the time stamp.

Cat and Fiddle – Peak District Webcam

Webcam situated in the Cat and Fiddle Pub looking along the A537. Useful for current snow conditions.

Peak District Webcams - Cat and Fiddle Webcam

Flash Bar Stores Webcam

Webcam situated in the Flash Bar Stores Cafe & Shop on the A53 Leek Road between Buxton and Leek.

Peak District Webcams - Flash Bar Stores Webcam.

Cliff Cottage – Castleton Webcam

Webcam situated in Castleton looking North-Easterly towards Win Hill. Useful for both those snow conditions or to check for the mist in Hope Valley.

Peak District Webcams - Cliff Cottage - Castleton

Kinder Webcam – Hayfield – Bowden Bridge

Webcam looking towards the Kinder Scout Plateau and Kinder Low from near Bowden Bridge. 

Peak District Webcams - Kinder Webcam

The Hanging Gate Webcam

Webcam from near the Roaches at Quarnford.

Peak District Webcams - Hanging Gate - Higher Sutton.

Harpur Hill, Buxton Webcam

Webcam in Harpur Hill above Buxton at the Health and Safety Labs. A good webcam for judging the snow level.

Peak District Webcams - Harpur Hill Webcam

Quanford near The Roaches, Buxton Webcam

Webcam from near the Roaches at Quarnford.

Peak District Webcams - The Roaches Webcam

Monyash Peak District Webcam

Webcam looking along the A515 near Monyash

Peak District Webcams - Monyash - A515

Whaley Bridge Webcam

Webcam situated in Whaley Bridge.

Peak District Webcams - Whaley Bridge Webcam

Wirksworth Webcam

Webcam situated at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at Wirkworth near Matlock.

Peak District Webcams - Wirksworth Webcam - Matlock

Winking Man – Upper Hulme Webcam

Please click the link to see the LIVE webcam. A very good webcam but can only be viewed directly on their website.

Webcam on the A53 Leek Road between Buxton and Leek. This is from the Winking Man Pub and is a live webcam. Situated near Ramshaw Rocks.

Peak District Webcams - Winking Man

Chesterfield Webcam

Webcam situated in Chesterfield. 

Peak District Webcams - Chesterfield Webcam

Jodrell Bank Webcam

Webcam at the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. Useful for viewing weather coming in for sunset. Not updated since April 2020.

Peak District Webcams - Jodrell Bank Webcam