Every now and again it’s nice to do a little photography that’s different from your normal style. It just keeps things a little fresh and allows you to break away from what you’re used to doing. For me, I really enjoy wire wool burning but at the same time I recognise that a lot of the images can look similar and lose their effect. For me then, I like to do it in moderation and always try and get a location that is a good setting. Also, another advantage of wire wool burning has to be you don’t need to wait for good weather.

Anyway, with permission of the architect I decided that I would do some at Wirksworth Stardisc, a favourite place of mine I have previously blogged about (see Wirksworth StarDisc Blog). You always have to be careful and considerate when doing Wirewool Burning, especially near towns but it’s something I always pay respect to.

Anyway, despite having to wait around for people to clear off it was a fun night and here are the results:


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