With a long winter the flowers have bloomed a lot later this year, this is including the bluebells and as we head into June they’re still around where as most years they would be long gone by now.

I’ve meant to photograph the bluebells for the past few years, but they always seemed to escape me but this year I’ve made a good effort.

The first image was actually taken from a 5 minute walk from home and my first bluebell image. I don’t usually shoot anywhere near home, there’s not much around in truth but this was a lovely find and worked out well because it was dull all day until the last minute. I really appreciated just being able to nip out and get a shot. It could have been taken anywhere though:

Bluebells Sunset - Pinxton - Derbyshire

Bluebells Sunset – Pinxton – Derbyshire


My next image was from within the Peak District this time at Hollinsclough near Buxton. I had seen these bluebells previously and a friend who lives in Buxton wanted to go find them so I said I’d be happy to show the location. As I had a wide view before with the above image I decided to do something different for me and do a close up with a shallow depth of field. It’s a fairly standard shot in fairness, but nice to do all the same:

Bluebells - Hollingsclough - Peak District Photography

Bluebells – Hollingsclough – Peak District Photography

My final image was a little unintentional. At the weekend I was in the Lake District for a wild camp in Buttermere (blog to follow) and had seen images of the Rannerdale Bluebells for the previous few years. After realising they were so close to my wild camp spot I couldn’t resist having a visit. The shot was taken before 8am so quite early, but even by then at this time of year the light was still harsh. In fairness, the sun had only just got high enough to offer any light on the bluebells but it is probably more of a late evening location. Still, nice to have:

Rannerdale Bluebells - Buttermere - Lake District Photography

Rannerdale Bluebells – Buttermere – Lake District Photography

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