A couple of weekends ago saw me on commission for Blacks with the main aim being to capture panoramics around the Wasdale and Wast Water area, so I decided a trip up Lingmell for sunset on the Saturday would be a good choice.

Usually, for a mountain of this size I would choose to wild camp rather than walk back down the same evening but as getting as many different photos as possible from sunset and sunrise was needed I didn’t stay up there.

For anyone that doesn’t know Lingmell, it’s one of the mountains included in the famous view from Wast Water and adjoins the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike. I was tipped off about the location having great views down to Wasdale Head and the best view of Great Gable. I have to admit, my thoughts were a little reserved after researching and not seeing many great photos of the location and also seeing from TPE that the setting sun near Pillar could prove difficult.

On arrival, the weather was quite nice with a lot of broken clouds and it actually feeling quite warm so I felt really optimistic. I set off up the tourist track from Wasdale Head in plenty of time to ensure I got on location and had time to scout around.

About half way up though, the weather took a really quick change for the worst and the clouds rolled in down to about 400m. At one point, I couldn’t see anything above or below me. I was very disheartened. It looked like it would be set to stay this way. I decided to have a sit down and grab some food and a rest and make a decision as to what I was going to do.

Sitting around, it didn’t seem to be shifting. The cloud was swilling around plenty quick enough but there didn’t feel to be any wind. However, in true photographers style (I really hate this phrase by the way) the next thing I knew, within seconds the clouds parted to reveal the sun. It was only momentary but it was almost as if god took his two hands to move the clouds.

The exposure would have been too hard to hold, but as they started to close up again I managed to grab this pano which I actually really light to say it isn’t in golden hour. Just some really nice textues, colours and the rays of light make it. I had decided if I was to get a shot that evening then this would be my best chance (as always with panos, click to make larger and see full size for best viewing experience):

4 thoughts on “Lingmell Sunset”

  1. Well done on the commission for Blacks, thoroughly deserved and what a great way to showcase your work.

    This current collection are stunning and really make me want to get out now, even though its chucking it down!


  2. Good commission to pick up James I will keep an eye out in their stores, I can totally relate to this story – the walk up to a viewpoint can be tough mentally when things don’t feel right and your not sure if you will be disappointed after the effort! You have to carry on though as I’ve learnt from too many experiences that if you don’t and head down you could be in the valley screaming at the sight of beautiful light just where you were heading!


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