I’ve been thinking the last few weeks of what month stands out for me photography wise this year…usually I quite like May for changeable weather and storms or winter for the snow but for me March just seemed to stand out this year especially as a month in terms of productivity. I had chosen the month a while back, I didn’t want to post it until now though just in case December produced something special…but alas it only really produced a lot of grey skies!

For me the month of the year march was because most weekends, even if there was rain while waiting around it tended to be changeable enough for the light to break through (see Stanage Edge for example!) and I had a great time in the Lake District at the end of March when we had a heat wave with a good wild camp and cracking reflections in the Lakes and Tarns.

Anyway, I’ll let the images speak for themselves and I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year.


1 thought on “Month Of The Year? March!”

  1. Wow, some amazing pictures James, If I had to pick one it would be “Hope Valley Light” but there all outstanding, well done. Hope 2013 brings just as many nice pictures!!


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