Carl Wark Sunrise

So you may have noticed that the last few weeks has been slightly grey, damp, miserable and generally enough to make any photographer go stir crazy.

It may seem like I haven’t been going out taking images but unfortunately I had…just you don’t get to see the images I take where nothing happens.

In the last few weeks I had been to Carl Wark near Hathersage several times, I have visited Carl Wark a few times over the last few months with nothing to show for it but I was determined recently to get something but the sunset was always shot down with a big bank of cloud within the last hour blocking any chance of light.

Anyway, December 29th came around and the forecast for the first time in a long time looked good for the following day….where to go out for sunrise though?!

I spent a lot of time contemplating this and realised I’m actually running out of places to go for sunrise unless we’re looking at Saddleworth or somewhere with a serious walk in (saving them for wild camping) so after texting Stephen Elliott (a friend and local photographer) and after a lot of debating I suggested to give Carl Wark a try…I felt sort of reluctant after I had suggested it but I did want to put the location to bed. Carl Wark Sunrise it was to be though!

Anyway, the next morning I had turned up in plenty of time. I got there at around 06:50 and sunrise wasn’t until 08:30. I stood around and realised when confirming with the sunrise compass the sun had moved around a lot since my last sunrise try and would make it difficult to shoot. No worries though, it would just mean some careful composition.

Where the sun was coming the sky was quite clear and to get a composition meant being a little further away from where I wanted to be when the light started to light Higger Tor than I wanted to be so I chose to not really take any photos of the sun coming over the hills itself, however I did stick around and I liked this location.

I particularly liked the cloud turning colour and the fact that you could make a good point of Higger Tor being so prominent with some nice foreground interest. I took a variety of shots here and while I have one with all the rocks lit up I much prefer this one with the light just catching which in my opinion gives it more depth:

Carl Wark To Higger Tor - Carl Wark Sunrise - Peak District Photograhy

Carl Wark To Higger Tor – Peak District Photograhy

Once I had got this image and I was happy I had finally made an image for the first time in a few weeks I had a bit of a chance to walk around. This next image was a tough one, because shadows were really getting in the way. I had intended initially to shoot from here but I knew it wouldn’t happen, but by this point the light was sublime and I positioned myself in a quirky position to get a good but striking composition:

Carl Wark To Higger Tor - Carl Wark Sunrise - Peak District Photograhy

Carl Wark To Higger Tor – Peak District Photography

I made one more final image, by this time while the light was lovely and warm it had started to get a bit even across the scene for me and after taking this I decided to move on:

Higger In Light - Carl Wark Sunrise - Peak District Photograhy

Higger In Light – Peak District Photography

Next off I suggested to Stephen that we move on and I’d always wanted to make an image of Burbage Brook looking up to Carl Wark from near the bridge….Stephen was a little confused when I suggested we drove to location but once we arrived he realised we were talking about two different bridges! The one I wanted an image of was from the bridge that carries the road between Fox House and Burbage brook over the stream. A view you will have no doubt seen if you drove this way.

The location itself is at its best about a hour or so after sunrise, once the sun has got high enough to light up the foreground, I had drove past it many times in this time frame but never with any light, but finally my luck had changed and I was able to make the following image:

Carl Wark and Burbage Brook - Carl Wark Sunrise - Peak District Photograhy

Carl Wark and Burbage Brook – Peak District Photography

So all in all I had a pretty good and productive day and was pleased to finally get some good light and that. I also went out for a sunrise New Years Day which was also very good so keep an eye out for that blog post soon 😉

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