It’s not often farmer boy James ventures out into the cities but last weekend I went down to London. I’ve been before but only with a point and shoot and after being taken back at night how much the place comes to life I decided I needed to go back.

There were a few shots I had in mind, most of which were cliche but needed to be done.

This first one is from the beautiful St Pancras station which is looking up to the roofing, which is just some great architecture. It made a change to take an abstract shot having to concentrate on lines and shapes to make a pattern that worked so everything didn’t feel lost:

St Pancras - London

St Pancras – London

Next was a night time shot on the first night at Piccadilly Circus, I’ve called the picture “Happiness”

Hapiness - Piccadilly Circus - London

Hapiness – Piccadilly Circus – London

On my second day it was a very busy day, I had breakfast and then went on the London Eye, the tubes weren’t running back to the hotel so I decided to walk it back. I got back, had a cup of tea and contemplated going out for some food as I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and wanted to capture some shots at dusk/night and knew my time to eat would be limited. Given London is full of high-ish buildings I didn’t expect a sunset so started to head out to get some food, about 500 yards away from the hotel I could see the sky starting to light up so quickly run back to the hotel, picked up my gear and went to Tower Bridge which was thankfully just around the corner. Boy it was worth it, with a fantastic sky lighting up. This is a picture from Tower Bridge looking over to the Shard, the tallest building in western europe which now dominates the skyline. I took a number of shots in different compositions and while I feel the river is a lot of empty space, the nice reflections of colour in it and the fantastic sky makes up for it and it was the one I was most pleased with:

Shard Sunset - London

Shard Sunset – London

It was certainly worth missing tea for but now was the best time to capture some night photography so food would have to wait until later (which turned out to be 10pm!). I did a few shots of tower bridge and the London Skyline but wasn’t overly impressed, especially with tower bridge because a strip of lights were out and ruined the photo for me (all attention to detail!). Anyway, I went and had some food and it was near Millenium Bridge which is a very well photographed scene but I had to have a bash. I was a little gutted the bridge wasn’t lit up but I had to make the most of it. For me, on review of this image I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t bang on centre. It looked fine on review, especially as the tiles at the bottom are central but maybe it will need doing again one day. Perhaps I’m being too critical and i’m sure if I re-did it the railing would be symmetrical and not the tiles but who knows! Give me the benefit of the doubt though, it was 11pm in the middle of London on a Saturday night, forgive me for not wanting to stick around with expensive camera gear for too long :)

Millenium Bridge - St Pauls Cathedral - London

Millenium Bridge – St Pauls Cathedral – London

All in all it was a good weekend and I enjoyed doing something different to landscapes but I’m certainly ready to head back on to the hills!