Lumsdale is a lovely tucked away valley between Tansley and Matlock in Derbyshire. It’s a bit of an hidden gem that’s been exploited a little more in the last few years.

Bentley Brook is the stream that courses it’s way through the valley and a series of waterfalls and cascades drop away. Derbyshire doesn’t have many waterfalls (or the Peak District for that matter) but arguably this is one of the best.

The brook is actually part of the Arkwright Heritage Society and the brook and falls used to power the mills in the valley, the mills are now ruins but add a lot of character.

I’ve been many times, only being 20 mins from my house which is about as close as my photography gets for me. I really like the area and while the best time for me hands down is Autumn I had always wanted to capture it properly in winter.

So we’ve had a lot of snow recently, but when I’ve been able to get out it’s been bright overcast so no chance of a good sunrise/sunset. Waterfalls are perfect for this kind of weather.

Lumsdale is mainly accessible by two roads (unless you go around the back from Matlock and park on the local housing estate) and the roads are quite steep so I was a little unsure of how they would be in the snow. Thankfully, the steep parts of the roads were cleared challenging me only where it was flat.

I got myself ready and I made the choice to put on wellies rather than boots to stand in the streams, I thought it might be freezing but luckily I was fine. It’s always good to stand in the streams to get a different perspective.

I started off oddly, at the centre cascades, this is by far my favourite section but perhaps looks a little better in autumn. Again, I was stood in the water to get a centre on composition:

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