A month ago (wow already) I visited Switzerland. I had wanted to see the Matterhorn for years, with it’s unique profile recognisable to many.

I finally had the opportunity to go, so me and my girlfriend decided to book it and take the long drive over there to visit Zermatt and the Matterhorn stopping in the nearby village of Randa. It was set to be a week of experiences.

We set off on perhaps one of the most tiring drives ever, we didn’t get any sleep beforehand and learnt our first lesson. After 22 hours of travelling though, we arrived in the dark, at our hotel in awe of our surroundings. The day had been mainly cloudy and it was much the same at night but the next morning we woke up to blue skies. This was set to be like this for the rest of the week, with temperatures on some days reaching 18c with 1m of snow at least in the lower regions. It was very odd!

We got up the next day and was excited to go see the Matterhorn, rather than waiting we jumped on the first train from Tasch to Zermatt as Zermatt is a car free village. We held ourselves in anticipation and as soon as we caught our first glimpse of the Matterhorn we were in awe. It stood there, dominating the skyline with its unique profile like nothing I had ever seen before. I don’t usually get giddy, but this had fulfilled a dream I had for so long. It was well deserved.

We had a potter about, taking in all the extortionate prices of Switzerland and decided to try and capture the sunset. We wasn’t really high up enough to get a decent picture of the Matterhorn and the sunset was behind it anyway but I concentrated my camera on the Taschorn across the valley as the setting sun created red light on them:

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