Thought I’d pop a quick blog on from recent Peak District images. To be honest, the light in the recent months just hasn’t been that spectacular (or at least when I’ve been able to get out) and at times it can start to dent your enthusiasm. That said I’ve been out plenty, stood in many spots and not even taken a single photo. It’s the way it goes I guess.

Anyway, below is the latest images which you can find on the Peak District Photography page.


Birchen Edge, I always seem to end up going here at sunset hoping for some drama but before I know it the clouds break up and I’m left with a clear sky. One day maybe! It was still nice to be up there though with some nice warm light on the edge and the first time I’ve captured the scene in summer with the greens in the trees out in full.

10 thoughts on “Recent Peak District Images”

  1. Fantastic photos yet again! I’m off to Chrome Hill on Saturday with the kids so I’m going to try and get some decent photos there.

  2. Another great set James, you really do bring your words to life with your images.

    Out of interest how on earth do you carry your kit up these walks, I would really like to know the secret lol!

    Take care.

    • Thanks Andy!

      To be honest I used to carry a lot of kit, but back in January I purchased a Sony Nex 7. It’s basically my DSLR in a compact body (same sensor and everything) and I’ve totally fallen in love with it. It’s light, excellent quality and the 10-18mm is such a good lens I actually now probably use this as my main kit. The secret is out!

      • James,
        What a brilliant advert for the NEX 7!

        I must admit that I struggle with my kit and an alternative sounds good!

        I was in Blacks in Leicester recently and saw some images. Are these ones you were commissioned to take?


        • Definitely a nice bit of kit I’d recommend…a few people have bought one since seeing mine. (I should be on commission!?)

          Not sure if Leicester has been refurbed yet, they emailed me the other day saying my images had made it into a few stores so they could well be. Did they look like from any familiar locations?

          • Contact Sony and suggest your rates!

            Leicester has had it’s refurb, well the shop in the City Centre and the images certainly looked like yours mate. I even told the store manager how much I loved the pictures yadda, yadda, yadda, maybe I should be on commission too lol!!

  3. Lovely images James! As a bit of a beginner, can I ask a question. The Lathkill Dale sunset – how did you go about exposing for that one? In fact – if it is not too big a subject (and not giving away any ‘secrets’!) How do you approach exposing for your lovely ‘golden hour’ shots?


    • Hi Paul,

      Filters are mainly the key, in particular graduated neutral density filters. They help hold the bright sky vs the dark foreground. I would suggest a reverse grad at first.

      However, for this particular shot I decided to go for a method called exposure blending (which I very very rarely use) as the contrast and flare was too great for traditional methods.

      Hope that helps some what.



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