Hi all,

Back in the winter, I created my Peak District Webcams Page which was created as a useful tool to view webcams before setting out to see current weather, light and even snow conditions and has proved a popular page receiving a lot of hits daily.

It was always available to view on the mobile, but perhaps wasn’t the most user friendly.

The owner of the Biglow webcam on the page contacted me and has kindly created a mobile version of the page. It’s a great little mobile friendly version, which sort of acts like a web based application showing all the webcams, local mapping, weather forecasts, moon phases and weather forecasts. All in all very very good.

It is optimised for mobile/tablet but also displays great on the web as well.

You can find the page here:


Bookmark it on your mobile and use it as a great reference for when you’re out and about. Also spread the word.


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