Aldermans Hill

Hasn’t the weather been nice recently for the most part? It may have been a little hazy for sure but it’s been better than the countless days of grey recently.

Last Saturday saw me looking to go out, wanting to make the most of it. While I’m not a blue skies photographer sometimes you take what you get.

I had actually intended to go out for sunrise, but I managed to wake up at 04:30 on time, “snooze” for 5 minutes and wake up at 05:30…chance missed! Oops!

So I decided to go out for sunset, the skies were clear all day and thought it would be a good chance to go up to Saddleworth. At about a hour and a half it’s the longest trek for me in the Peak District so to go when it looks poor can be an expensive trip in these expensive times, even if it is nice to get out.

I wanted to go up Aldermans Hill, I had seen it from afar across the valley on Ashway Rocks on my first visit in December 2012 and went up after being intrigued on boxing day in heavy rain. Determined to get back I thought I couldn’t fail with a sunset on Saturday.

I parked up and made the climb, if you park in the right place it’s not actually that laboring. At the top I could see a lot of cloud building up, which in some terms I didn’t mind. I thought it would give dimension to the scene and break up the blue skies.

Unfortunately, as time passed on it was to become apparent that it was getting thicker blocking the sunset. However, at the start of golden hour I did manage to capture this scene which I’m pleased with. It’s a shot from Aldermans Hill, looking down to Dovestones Reservoir with Ashway Rocks and Alphine Pike in the distance:

Aldermans Hill - Peak District Photography

Aldermans Hill – Peak District Photography

That was the image of the night for me, I felt confident while up there I had managed to capture something but I was annoyed at the same time because there are so many compositions looking in all directions to be made in the right conditions. So I can see myself returning at some point soon to try and nail it. I did however capture one more shot, looking into the sun when it popped through the clouds for a few seconds looking down Aldermans Hill ridge line in the direction of the village of Saddleworth, you really can see how much cloud had built up:

Aldermans Hill Sunset - Peak District Photography

Aldermans Hill Sunset – Peak District Photography

So there’s not a lot more I can say really but I hope you enjoyed the images and look out for more in the coming months when I return to this unique part of the Peak District.


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  1. Andy Keeble March 12, 2013 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Another interesting post James and as always you add some cracking images. You are obviously getting the pick of the weather mate, it is bloody terrible in Leics, we have had that horrid, flat, contrast-less light for weeks now!

    Keep up the good work!


    • James Grant March 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm - Reply

      Thanks Andy – I know the feeling, it’s not been amazing recently and I’ve still been struggling!

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