Just a quick one from me. This is the Derwent Valley Mills in Cromford. I popped into the grounds a couple of months ago before heading on a walk down the Cromford Canal. I had this shot in mind for some time, I had been before but the conditions weren’t right. This time they were a bit better at least with flow of the water over the lock. It was a case of shoe horning my camera and tripod through the fence to get this composition which I feel actually worked well in the end.

The Derwent Valley Mills are now a world heritage site running from Matlock Bath to Derby, because of the important role they place in being the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Who would have thought such a small village such as Cromford would be such an important place to the world today?

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Derwent Valley Mills

Derwent Valley Mills - Derbyshire Photography

Derwent Valley Mills – Derbyshire Photography