Ox Stones – Burbage Moor

Since February I have been trying to photograph the Ox Stones on Burbage Moor. Multiple visits had yielded no results that I was completely happy with but finally some luck broke last month.

Following on from my previous blog at Carhead Rocks, I headed up to the Ox Stones afterwards. The Ox Stones are high up on Burbage Moor, near the trig point in the middle of the moorland. Luckily, while they seem forever from anywhere, the walk from the car is only about 5 minutes so a nice accessible location. Especially when making so many return visits.

The stones are two glorious weathered gritstone formations, classic Peak District really. They can make hard subjects to photograph, alter your angle just slightly and they can look completely different. Coupling this with the sun that moves throughout the year they only really get light at certain times. Luckily, in early August there was just enough to cast a subtle glow on the rocks.

I’ll share with you first my favourite image of the night. The cloud was very dramatic at this point and the sun was just squeezing its way through. The light managed to hit the Ox Stones but only just, giving a nice subtle but warm glow.

Ox Stones

Ox Stones at sunset - Burbage Moor - Peak District Photography

Ox Stones at sunset – Burbage Moor – Peak District Photography

Another shot I got was showcasing the heather at the time. It was taken from a little further back and the light was just sublime but I preferred the above image more for the earthy tones, composition and that awesome sky,

Ox Stones Heather - Burbage Moor - Peak District Photography

Ox Stones Heather – Burbage Moor – Peak District Photography

The last image of the night just goes to show how quickly the light and clouds change. The clouds quickly started to clear up in comparison to image 1 which left me having to shoot into the sun.

Ox Stones Sunset - Peak District Photography

Ox Stones Sunset – Peak District Photography

I was very happy after about 3 or 4 attempts to just have got the conditions I wanted. It’s not always evident that I don’t get the images I always want, this is because obviously I don’t share the failed images. If you go out to take a photo or two and don’t come back with anything, don’t be disheartened and just return and return until you are happy.

Find where the Ox Stones are here

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