Sometimes, landscape photography takes a lot of patience. I’ve been out countless times since my return from Cyprus and just not had any decent conditions or light.

It can get frustrating and depressing sometimes, but you have to percivere. Cue Saturday morning I decided to go out for sunrise.

I woke up, went to my living room window and could see we were above the mist but unusually there was thick cloud also above. I noticed a small gap in the clouds though and thought it was worth the risk for “sky fire”.

I did spend another 10 minutes in bed debating however, but finally dragged myself out which I later regretted as I had to run up the hill to make up for lost time.

Driving over, bleary eyed I noticed the sky was taking on some colour in the clouds. I thought I was going to miss a show. I pulled up and as I said I ran to the location which was about 3/4 mile away. This is never a good thing first thing in the morning.

By the time I had got to Parsons Tor, any colour had vanished (it never made a proper appearance) and I was shattered. I set my coat up and had a lie down. I decided it was best I got up and set my camera up “just in case” and then have another lie down and wait it out watching a very grey cloud filled sky.

This was a good call. I lay there and saw the clouds slowly take on colour, I stood up and got in position and a show no longer than 3 minutes unfolded reaching a brilliant climax.

I’m glad I got up and made the effort and had a sneaking suspicion I would have been one of the only people out, special days

2 thoughts on “Parsons Tor – Lathkill Dale”

  1. Another smashing image James, it just shows how difficult it is to predict weather conditions! Sooner you than me running up the Tor, at this rate you will be able to complete SAS selection lol!



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