Roystone Rocks is one of the most unique places I have visited in the Peak District and it was somewhere new I hadn’t visited until recently.

The area is composed mainly of limestone, but a darker kind which may contain magnesium but what strikes you most are the random scattered pavements, often jutting out with trees growing between them or in some cases even along the ground between the cracks.

It’s located between Parwich and Pikehall and near the neolithic burial mound of Minninglow, just off the High Peak Trail. It is definitely somewhere I want to visit again under less clear skies.

 Roystone Rocks

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  1. James, that is a very interesting looking location and, given some really stormy skies, could make for exceptional long exposure, mono chromatic images!
    My daughter would love it there as she is a 3rd year GeoPhys Masters student and she loves rocks and stuff like that!

    I hope you are well and enjoying this nice weather ­čÖé



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