Bala Lake

Just a quick blog today but I thought I’d share a couple of images from Bala Lake or in Welsh, Llyn Tegis.

Bala Lake is a long lake starting at the town of Bala in Mid-Snowdonia. I was driving to Barmouth in our campervan with the aim of a weekend away in the mountains and to go up Cadair Idris on the Saturday. Driving along on the Friday, the light and weather was looking really good. Usually in these cases we’re in the backend of nowhere and can’t pull over to take photos. Luckily this time though, when the light was really getting good we just happened to be passing Bala Lake and spotted the jetty. A quick spinaround further down the road and we pulled up in the car park and rushed out with our cameras.

It was a beautiful day with calm flat waters providing mirror like reflections and golden light hitting the distance hills and mountains. Usually, photography which involves stepping out of your car with not much thought isn’t really my style, but on this day I was more than happy to take the opportunity to photograph such stunning conditions. With Wales, it’s usually raining, so you have to take your chances.

The first shot was from the shoreline with some nicely placed boulders looking along the lake:

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