I’ve just come back from a lovely couple of weeks in Dorset and Cornwall. I say just come back, I mean a couple of weeks back now but I’m just getting around to the blog! Blessed with some good conditions for photography, both in the day and at night, I thought I would share some of the photographs from the trip with you and a short blog about the trip.

Every August, me and my girlfriend Sarah always go away as it’s her birthday It usually ends up being on the bank holiday weekend or just either side, which in turn makes it both busy and expensive. This year though, the trip almost didn’t happen. Some of you who know me a little better, know I love going away in our campervan. A campervan helps put you within moments reach of the best spots so you’re well prepared and at the same time saves money on hotels, all while being a great experience. If I’m not in a tent up a mountain, you’ll find me in the campervan instead. However, at the start of August someone ran into the side of me pulling out of a junction, in the process writing off the campervan. This put the end to a years of hard work literally just getting it to how we wanted. It was devastating for us and it put the whole holiday in jeopardy. Fortunately, we managed to secure a hire VW California for our trip away and despite everything, we decided we would try to make the most of it. It also explains why I’ve not been doing much serious photography that requires a walk as carrying the kit has become painful. I’m hoping to return to full strength soon though and I’m getting better with each outing.

On our way down, we realised our sat nav was taking us close to Stonehenge and as neither of us had ever been, we would take a slight detour to see it, if not anything else. We drove past it and found where you could see it from close up, without the entry fee (the centre was closed anyway). The sky looked excellent with big textures in the clouds and it looked very clear towards the horizon. Checking Sat24, it was clear Dorset had clear skies and after a bit of debating we decided to get some shots and carry on with our journey. It didn’t look like the sunset actually happened in the end while we were driving, so all was as well, but here is a shot I took at Stonehege anyway.

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