Hello all, been a long time since an actual photography blog I know, just been so busy with a lot of other little things going off in the works and I’ve not had a chance to sit down and bash out a blog (and even edit some of my newer stuff!), so here’s my first of many recent shoots. This time from Black Rocks and High Tor.

Both Black Rocks and High Tor are not in the Peak District, but just outside the boundary near Cromford and Matlock Bath. Both have great features and if you didn’t know so you would actually think they were in the Peak District.

I was fortunate enough to move to Matlock in September last year, this put me closer to the Peak District but the surrounding area has always held a special place in my heart. For years I’ve been meaning to get some more “local” shots as I believe there are some less seen and photographed locations and for no good reason in particular.

First is Black Rocks, a small gritstone escarpment nestled in limestone country just above Cromford. It’s a bit of a weird spot really as the geology of the area really doesn’t suit the location. It’s also a very popular spot for families, walkers and climbers and is usually very busy at any time of the year. If you want a bit of peace, it’s probably better to do a sunrise here.

I have previously tried a couple of times to do sunrise here, I had envisioned a sunrise with mist below being above it all but unfortunately both times I tried the mist was simply too high shrouding it. This time, I woke up and as I live high up and could see I was above it myself with a clear view across to Black Rocks so I knew as long as it didn’t start rising it would be on. I took the 10 minute drive and arrived to see this popular spot already had a few people out on a early morning stroll.

I made the quick but steep ascent to the top of ┬áBlack Rocks and I wasn’t disappointed with the scene, a fog filled valley with a few clouds above, perfect. I set about my work, trying plenty of different compositions from wide angle to telephoto squeezing the most out of the morning.

One of my first shots had me a little scared, there is a famous climb called Meshuga which goes up an overhanging prow and I was stood on the top of this overhang with a fair drop either side. It wasn’t ever dangerous, but you’re never more aware of the drops as you try and squeeze yourself and a large tripod on.

Black Rocks and High Tor

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