So last Thursday after Winnats Pass I decided I would go to a virgin location to me, Bole Hill. What’s that you say, how can I have not gone already?! I’ll hold my hands up here, I’ve always snubbed it. Those that know me, know it’s not quite my usual style of photography but that said I always like to challenge myself and I had fancied it on a day with some lingering fog. It was my opinion, if it was going to work at all, it would be with a good amount of fog.

The fog would need to be quite high for Bole Hill, so one of your typical mornings would usually see fog and mist in the valley near Hathersage but not to the slopes of Over Owler Tor. Having been on Winnats Pass, I already had a good idea as the Great Ridge was only just poking out of the top, so I knew it would probably be high enough. I drove over and sure enough as I arrived at Surprise View car park, the fog was just milling around here, slowly burning off. It looked like I had timed it right. I got myself ready and started to walk across, passing Surprise View viewpoint. On the way I couldn’t help but grab a shot of these Birch trees with the fog passing by and the nice bright light:

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