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  1. Assynt has been on my dream backpacking list for a while now, but this post might bump it up to the top! It looks like you did a fair amount of trekking around but got a great diversity of shots. Did you travel light or you pack your whole rig out? I always struggle with how much gear to bring—too worried about being left in the lurch, I suppose.

    Great thoughts on embracing the experience too. An old wilderness backpacking instructor of mine used to say that the hike in was a destination in itself, and I’ve tried to keep that attitude while photographing the outdoors. That seeing with your own eyes is sometimes even more precious because nobody else gets to see it or return to it. Of course there’s difficulty involved in every sort of shot, but you’ve got to love something to be able to take loving images of it.

    Speaking of images, that second photo of Suilven is breathtaking! You caught it at just the right time of day. Do you mind sharing what size telephoto you were shooting with? The richness and color balance you got from it are simply gorgeous.

    • Hey Sara. Sorry for just getting back to you, I’ve just got back from Skye and didn’t realise I had this comment.

      You really should go! I did a fair amount of walking but the peaks are quite solitary so you have the convenience of leaving some stuff in the car and travelling between spots (if you wish). It meant I only needed one days food, underwear etc. I had the change of clothes and toiletries in the car. The other thing to note if you are interested there’s some amazing community showers at Achiltibuie which really freshen you up.

      Thanks for your great comments and thoughts too. The second shot was my fave too, I had a real hard time choosing though. I shot it at 72mm on a 70-200mm F4.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the community showers and distances! It’s so helpful to know about things like that ahead of time, before you’re out in the rough, although discovering things on the go also has its own charm. I’m definitely putting Assynt on my to-go list, and I’ll be checking back for more blog posts too—this is just the kind of thing I love to find other people doing!


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